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Representadas SEMATRON  
Amplifiers from KHz to 3 GHz (low noise, medium power, limitators) Atenuators (digital and continuos). Detectors. Switches. VCOs.
Coaxial connectors (SMA, TNC, N, 3.5mm); SMA 2.9 mm; 7mm; SMB; K; SC; HM; 7/16.
Adaptators (coaxial to waveguide).
Atenuators; loads; short circuits, phase exchangers;
Descargadores de gas.
Flexible RF cables. Custom cabling
Amplifiers 0.5 - 60 GHz (Ultra low noise, wide and narrow band, medium power, temperature compensated).
Frecuency multipliers, Log amplifiers.
High stability quartz crystals, low phase-noise, AT and SC cuts; up to ninth overtone. Frecuencies from KHz to hundred MHz. Availability in several encapsulation including SMD. For use in industrial, profesional, military and spacel applications.
Atenuators (filters, rotatory, etc.). RF fuses. Detectors. Measurement bridges. Power Dividers. Loads. Matching networks.
RF and Video coaxial relays to 1GHz. PIN relays to 4GHz. RF and Video amplifiers to 3GHz. Video and RF digital and continous connectorized attenuators. Conectorized Loads; Matching adapters; DCblock; Polarization T. Conectorized power dividers and directional couplers for video and RF.
PLOs; DROs, Sintetizers
Frecuency counters and power combiners, Continuos or pulsed wave up to 110 GHz. Equipos con normativa VXI.
Semmirigid cable (criogenic MIL-C-17, low loss, dielectric air, hand comformable)
From 25 to 120 Ohms.
Custom made cable (coaxial and semirigid)
Microwave amplifiers. Frecuency converters. Multipliers. mm Band components. Gunn and IMPATT oscilators.
Coaxial switches and filters. Directional couplers. Detectors. Dividers/Combiners.
Divisores/Combinadores. Acopladores direccionales. Hibridos de 90º y 180º. Transformadores de impedancia. Mezcladores. Comparadores de Fase. Moduladores QPSK.
Sistema de fabricación de circuitos impresos, sin productos químicos, tanto simple como doble cara. Equipos metalización y soldadura en SMD

Detectors. Limiters, PIN Switchers. Harmonic generators. Multipliers. Harmionic mixers.

Directional couplers from Khz to 18 GHz. Couppling from 3 to 40 dB. Power dividers (both active and passive) from 2 to 16 outputs, from Khz to 18 Ghz. DC-18 Ghz atenuators, from 1 to 40 dB with power levels to 200 W.
DC-18 GHz filters to 200 W.
Subsistems: Distribution sistems equipments. VSAT Redundant sistems. Several output oscilators. FI, L Band and Microwave switching Matrix.
Coaxial conectors 50-75 Ohm (SMA,SMB,SMC, MCX, MMCX,N, TNC, BNC, UHF) Transitions, fixed atenuators, loads, Matching adapters. RG Coaxial cable. Low loss cables, semirigid cable. Custom made cables.
Filters (coaxial, tunable, waveguide). Mixers. Atenuators.
Oscilators and YIG Filters (notch and bandpass) with analog or digital driver. Harmonic generators.
Waveguide components (Filters, couplers, etc.). Measurement subsistems. Calibration Kits. Gunn diode oscilators.
Narrowband isolators and circulators to 35GHz. Several cases and power range availability.
Switches, Atenuators. Modulators and phase variators. Level detectors. Couplers. MMIC. Amplifiers. Switching Matrix. Antenna selectors.
SMD resistors and attenuartors to 4 GHz and 250W. RF loads connectorized to 4GHz y 25 KW. Connectorized attenuators to 2,2 GHz y 400W.
Power amplifiers to 1GHz. GSM bidirectional amplifiers.
EMI Filtrers for supply lines in RF and microwave circuits.
Atenuators. Loads (chi, strip line, microstrip). Derectional couplers (SMD).
Coaxial connectors 50-75 Ohm (SMA,SMB,SMC, MCX, MMCX,N, TNC, BNC, UHF) Transitions, fixed atenuators, loads, Matching adapters. RG coaxial cables. Low loss cables, semirigid cable. Custom-made cables.
C and Ku Band LNA y LNB. Redundant systems. RF to Fiber Transmiters, Fiber to RF Receptors up to 50 Km from 10-2500 Mhz. Redundant systems: M&C programs.
Open and close net Modems. L band Modems. Broadcast Modems. Redundant systems. C and Ku band frecuency converters. C and Ku Band VSAT Terminals. C, X and Ku power amplifiers, DVB Receivers and multiplexers, High speed Internet, Intranet, etc
LNBs frecuency converters.
Solid state amplifiers 1-18 GHz, to 300 W.
LNA and LNB, C and Ku Bands. Redundant systems.
LNA and LNB, C and Ku Bands. Redundant systems.
Data and voice multiplexers. Satellite communication link simulation software.
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