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  Agilent Diodos leds y fotodetectores para PCB
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  Unicorn Electronics Catalogo de piezas, diodos laser
  Merededith Instruments Catalogo de piezas, lasers y ópticas
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  Jameco Electronics Lasers rojos, lentes para laser
  Goldmine Electronics Opticas, fibras ópticas, IRLEDs, detectores, tubos de xenon
  Marlin P. Jones Piezas electrónicas, opticas, LEDs y fotodetectores
  Herbach & Rademan Piezas electrónicas, opticas, lasers, LEDs y fotodetectores
  All Corp LEDs y detectores ópticos
  Alltronics LEDs y lentes grandes
  Lucent Technologies Optical Networking Group Homepage  
  CORNING Optical Fiber Library  
  CIENA's Optical University  
  Fotec's Fiber Optic Testing Text Book  
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  World Start Tech Lasers and laser modules
  Midwest Laser Lots of lasers, no IR diode lasers
  Optima Precision Laser diodes
  Laser Mate Laser diodes and modules
  Opto Power Laser diodes
  Blue Sky Research Laser diodes
  Milles Groit Laser diodes, laser modules and optics
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  Don Klipstein Muchos datos de lámparas y estroboscópios
  Sam Goldwasser Información general sobre laser
  John Yurek                                    Comunicaciones láser de larga distancia, experimentos de rebote en nubes
  Amateur Radio     Comunicaciones laser
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  Laser Focus World Magazine  
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  T10 Technical Committee on I/O Interfaces  
  T11 Technical Committee on High Performance & Mass Storage Applications  
  IEEE Storage Systems Standards Working Group (SSSWG)  
  I2O Special Interest Group (I2O SIG)  
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  National Transparent Optical Network Consortium (NTONC)  
  IEEE 802.17 RPR Working Group  
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  Switch Academic and Research Network  
  Optical Network Architectures: Routing and Protection  
  Architectural and Engineering Issues for an Optical Internet  
  SONATA- Switchless Optical Network for Advanced Transport Architecture  
  National Science Foundation (NSF)  
  ESPRIT - EU Information Technologies Program
  DBLP Bibliography  
  CAIDA -The Cooperative Association for Internet Data  
  RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens)  
  NLANR - National Lab for Applied Network Research  
  EURANDOM - European Research Institute  
  MSRI - Mathematical Science Research Institute  
  CFP List Call for Papers relevant to network control research  
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  DOC Boulder Labs Library: Subject Listing of Electronic Journals
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  CREOL at UCF  
  SDH/SONET, Queen'sUniversity of Belfast  
  IP Over Sonet: References  
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  Optical Burst Switching Resources  
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  References on Optical DWDM Networks and IP over DWDM  
  Books on Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM)/Optical Communications  
  Another online book on optical Communications  
  An The Entire Integrated Communication Management book  
  Data Communications: Tutorials; Frame Relay - X.25 - BSC - SDLC - HDLC - RS232 - V.35  
  SS7 Tutorials - SS7 Stack, MTP, ISUP, SCCP, TCAP  
  EE535 - Virtual Textbook  
  SONET Tech Tips  
  RAD University  
  Optoelectronics and electro-optical books for professional engineers and managers  
  OpticsNotes.Com : Optics & Photonics Resources, References & Tutorials  
  Cable University Fiber Tech: Dense Wavelenght Division Multiplexing  
  References on Optical DWDM Networks and IP over DWDM  
  WDM Resources at ATM Digest  
  Computer Network Destinations  
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