Protocol Converter
  — Converts American Dynamics' Dome control protocol AD RS-422/RS-485 to any of the following systems:
           Pelco D
           Pan & Tilt  TMI-04C
controller. (Proprietary interface).
— Fujitsu MB90F543 microprocessor with 256 Kbytes of Flash; This memory allows five additional protocol implementation under demand.
— Two full-duplex RS-422/485 ports with protections.
— Power supply: 9-24 V AC/DC
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Development board for LX16 Fujitsu microcontroller
Fujitsu MB90F543 microprocessor with 256 Kbytes of Flash memory for program, 12 Kbytes of RAM and 2 integrated CAN controllers besides the rest of usual peripherals.
— Two CAN drivers Phillips PCA82C251.
— Two RS232 port interfaces, one for debugging and program downloading, and the other for user applications.

— Two crystal oscillators: the master oscillator running at 4 Mhz (the microcontroler has an internal multiplier that quadruples the input, resulting a fetch code 62,5 ns long) and the real time oscillator running at 32 Khz, useful if saving power operating modes are desired.

— Female pins and pull-up resistors are included on every I/O port to make user work easier, with the posibility to connect them to +VDC or ground by selection jumpers.
— 8 LEDs with limiting resistors for debugging purposes.
— Reset button.
5.08mm standard terminals for supply and CAN buses connection.
— Two DB-25 female connectors for both RS-232 serial ports.
  — 100x160 mm size, 1.6 mm thickness, two sided fiber glass Printed Circuit Board.  
— User manual and some examples are included.
Temperature and humidity controller board
Motorola 68HC11F1 microproccesor in expanded mode with 64Kb external EPROM program memory, 1Kb RAM and 256 bytes EEPROM for calibration data.
— 16 Mhz cristal oscillator.
— External input for temperature sensor. The circuitry is designed to admit resistive sensor with 0.00385 ohm/ohm/ºC Temp.Coeff (not supplied).
— External input for humidity sensor Honeywell HiH3605A (not supplied).
— IDC connector for LCD display HD44780 or equivalent.
— IDC connector for external matrix keyboard.
Batery for date/time keeping in power supply absence.
— Solid state relay output for temperature control allowing 5A and 250 VAC.
— One DPDT relay (two circuits, two taps), with jumpers to configure the output circuit.
— Four additional open collector outputs with 500 mA drain capability in active state.
— 100x160 mm size, 1.6 mm thickness, two sided fiber glass Printed Circuit Board.
— 5.08mm standard terminals for input/output signal connection.
  — User manual and application program are included.  
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